May 20-21 • Bloomfield Hills High School
HackBloomfield is a 24-hour coding marathon at Bloomfield Hills High School. It's completely free (including free food and swag!), and is open to anyone in high school, even if you've never coded before!
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What do you do at a hackathon? Glad you asked! generally, you come to a hackathon with an idea for something you want to build (but it's also cool if you don't have an idea). then, you get together with your team (buddy up with friends!), and over the course of 24 hours, work on making that idea into something real! at the end of the hackathon you get to show off your project and potentially win prizes
Hacking??? But isn't that bad??? This isn't "hacking" in the malicious sense (you're not trying to manipulate an election or anything). In this context, hacking means building something awesome in a short period of time, and having a good time building it.
But i can't even code? And that's perfectly ok! in fact, hackathons are a great place to start learning to code. We'll have mentors who program regularly present at the hackathon, and they'll help you write your first ever program! There will also be beginner workshops for Python, Arduino, Android development and more. It may seem scary if you've never programmed before, but by the end of 24 hours you'll have a solid foundation of skills to work with.
Is there a code of conduct? There is! We'll be following the MLH Code of Conduct, which can be found here.
24 hours? Will we be getting any sleep? We'll be setting aside a classroom specifically for sleeping. Although you'll probably be busy hacking away at your project, we strongly encourage you to get some sleep. Bring a sleeping bag!
How much does this cost? HackBloomfield is 100% FREE! Both the event and all meals, as well as lots of swag will be at no charge whatsoever, courtesy of our sponsors.
How many people can be on a team? There's no strict limit, but try to keep your team to no more than 4 people.
Will there be prizes? Yup! There will be both general (1st, 2nd, 3rd) and category prizes (such as best hardware hack, best android hack, etc). and of course, you all get the prize of a good time 😛
I still have questions! We probably have answers! Send us an email at, tweet @hackbloomfield or message us on facebook and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!


HackBloomfield will bring together some of the brightest aspiring programmers and makers in the Metro Detroit/Windsor area! If your company is interested in sponsoring HackBloomfield, send us an email at GitHub 1517 Wolfram Soylent



8:00am sponsor check-in
9:00am hacker check-in opens
11:00am opening ceremonies (auditorium)
12:00pm lunch (main commons)
12:00pm hacking begins
1:00pm intro to programming (A103)

start learning to code with python!

3:00pm intro to arduino (A101)

learn to build physical inventions with arduino

6:00pm dinner (main commons)


7:00am breakfast (main commons)
9:00am how to submit to devpost (A103)

go to this if you’ve never been to a hackathon before

10:00am devpost submissions due
12:00pm hacking ends
12:00pm lunch (main commons)
12:30pm expo begins
2:00pm closing ceremonies (auditorium)
3:30pm end hackathon
Major League Hacking 2017 Hackathon Season